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New report by Network for Human Rights Documentation-Burma details continuing human rights violations by Burmese military against its citizens

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ND-Burma has published its second periodic report covering the second period of 2013 and focuses on 106 documented cases of human rights violations in Burma from July to December 2013. There are many serious human rights violations addressed and generic cialis canada highlighted in this report; torture, extra-judicial killing, illegal arrests and detentions, arbitrary taxation, property crime, forced labor, trafficking, forced displacement and rape. 

Same Impunity, Same Pattern: Report of Systematic Sexual Violence in Burma’s Ethnic Areas

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Today marks the buy viagra online safe launch of an important new report documenting ongoing crimes of canada cialis generic sexual violence—over 100 cases documented since 2010, including 47 gang rapes–perpetrated by the Burmese military in ethnic regions of Burma.

The Women’s League of Burma (WLB), consisting of thirteen women’s organizations representing different ethnic areas in Burma, released the report, “Same Impunity, Same Pattern: Sexual abuses by the Burma army will not stop until there is tramadol no rx a genuine civilian government, “and is urging an immediate end to these atrocities. The report specifically calls for an end to the prevailing system of impunity that not only enables military perpetrators to evade prosecution, but also fosters a culture of continued and escalating violence.

Events to cheap levitra buy online promote the report are taking place in Melbourne, New York, Washington, D.C., Rangoon and Chiang-Mai.

Joint Statement of the Kachin Organizations and Civil Society Groups Urge the United States Government to renew the viagra online pharmacy usa Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act

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We, Kachin civilians and look here indian generic levitra activists from 30 organizations are calling on President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Reid to renew the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act, which will expire at the end of cialis tablets for sale July 2013.

It is urgently needed to maintain pressure on the Burmese government to stop its policies of military aggression, and to begin a political dialogue to end the civil war in Burma.

133 Ethnic Civil Society Organizations Express Concern and Reservation Regarding Foreign Military Engagement with the Burmese Military

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(Sydney, London, Washington, DC) – Today, October 17, 2013, 133 civil society organizations, representing 15 of Burma’s ethnic nationalities, submitted a joint letter to pfizer cialis President Barack Obama of the United States, Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott of the Commonwealth of Australia expressing great concern and reservation regarding their military engagement with the Burmese military. Along with details of human rights atrocities and ongoing conflict the Burmese military continues to perpetrate, the joint letter pens explicit preconditions that must be met prior to any military engagement and states the criteria for military engagement should it move forward.

Ongoing Burmese Army atrocities in Kachin State are undermining the levitra without prescription peace process

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altNew documentation by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) exposes recent atrocities by Burmese government troops against Kachin civilians, despite ongoing peace negotiations.

KWAT’s new update documents abuses committed in Nhka Ga village, near Putao, northern Kachin State, in September 2013. After fighting in the area, Burmese troops raided the village, accusing them of viagra online from india supporting the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). They detained the villagers, torturing ten men and killing three, and a young mother was raped by an officer.

This military operation is directly linked to the securing of control over northern Kachin State’s rich timber and generic viagra soft tabs mineral resources. Nhka Ga village lies on a new road being built from the China border to large concession areas recently granted to billionaire crony Tay Za.

Burma’s war against Kachin creating ‘perfect storm’ for human trafficking

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A new report by Kachin women exposes how the Burmese government’s war against the best online generic viagra Kachin has greatly increased the risk of human trafficking along the China-Burma border.

“Pushed to the Brink,” launched today by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT), shows how the displacement of over 100,000 people over the past two years, lack of refugee protection and shortages of humanitarian aid have become significant new push factors fuelling the trafficking of Kachin women to generic cialis cheap China, already a long-standing problem.

KWAT’s report includes 24 cases of actual or suspected trafficking from Kachin border areas since the resumption of generic cialis mexico fighting in June 2011, mostly involving young women and girls displaced by the war, who have been tricked, drugged, raped, and sold to Chinese men or families as brides or bonded laborers for as much as 40,000 Yuan (about $6,500 USD) per person. Some ended up as far east as Shandong and Fujian provinces.  

World must act to end Burmese military aggression against Kachin

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World must act to end Burmese military aggression against Kachin

A new report by the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) details widespread civilian casualties from recent Burma Army offensives in Kachin areas and urges international pressure to end military aggression against the Kachin people.

State Terror in the Kachin Hills” documents the killing or injury of 26 civilians, including women, children and the elderly, by Burma Army shelling during offensives against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) since September 2012. Attacks have continued in the past few days, despite ongoing peace talks.

International donors spurn 60,000 displaced in Kachin control area on China border

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altInternational donors have failed dismally to respond to humanitarian needs of about 60,000 Kachin villagers displaced along the China border since conflict broke out in northern Burma over a year ago, according to data compiled by the Kachin Women’s Association (KWAT).  

From persecution to ordering levitra overnight delivery deprivation, a brief report launched today by KWAT, documents that nearly 60,000 people sheltering in Kachin-controlled areas have received only 4% of their basic food needs from international aid groups, including the UN. About 100,000 have been displaced in total since the Burmese government broke its 17-year ceasefire with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in June 2011.

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