Regime has been denying that it has been committing human rights violations

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On 5 February’2012, Mrs. Hkawng Seng Pan (KWAT deputy coordinator) did a presentation on current situation of Human rights violation in Kachin state, at the panel of film festival in Phayap University, Chiang Mai province.

I believe most of lowest price generic cialis canada you already aware of war in Kachin State, Burma. Because of fighting, there were increases of human rights violation. In particular we are seeing evidence of how the buy canadian levitra online Burmese military is susing exual violence as a weapon of war against ethnic group in Burma.

Enough is enough; People have suffered far too long already

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The human rights defenders Ah Noh from Kachin Women Association Thailand (KWAT) were in Brazil from August 22 to 26 on a mission organized by Conectas Human Rights. The two main purposes of the visit were to expose the serious human rights situation in Burma (Myanmar) and to request the support of order female viagra the Brazilian government to create a Commission of Inquiry within the UN. The matter will be voted in the next session of the General Assembly, which begins in September.

23 Years of Resistance: Ongoing Human Rights Abuses and lowest price levitra the Need for a Commission of Inquiry

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On 23rd Anniversary of 8.8.88, Kachin Women’s Association Thailand did a presentation on ongoing human rights violations committed by the cheap prescription levitra Burmese troops in Kachin State, Burma at the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok in August 2011. The event was attended by diplomats, representatives and individuals from countries and organizations such as UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Switzerland, EU, UNHCR. The follwoing is the summary of KWAT's presentation.

Basic Education and Health Needs in Ceasefire Zone

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Kachin Women’s Association Thailand participated at the Burma Forum held in Brussels in March 2006 and present about basic education and health of the people living in Ceasefire Zone in Kachin State of Burma. The following is the presentation done by our representative. 

Trafficking in Women from Kachin State and Northern Shan State of Burma

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Kachin Women’s Association Thailand participated at the event titled “Combating Human Trafficking in Asia: A Strategy for Action” held in New York in November 2005 and did a presentation on “trafficking in women from Kachin State and Northern Shan State of Burma.” The following is summaried text from the presentation by our representative.

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