Migrant Worker Program

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The migrant worker program operates in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We currently support about 800 Kachin migrant workers from Burma , especially women, but this number is increasing every day. A Drop-in Center for the migrant workers was established in 2008. It is a safe place for those who have a day off occasionally or get sick and viagra online canada need advice on accessing medical services, or who may have faced violence on the part of their employers. The activities of the program include monthly migrant exchanges, out-reach work, home discussions, providing reproductive and general health trainings, and distributing family planning supplies. We also offer basic computer and English skills trainings to www.intherooms.com the migrant workers and their children, and we have a library of books and DVDs.


The migrant program operates in Thailand. The overall aim of www.investordaily.com.au the program is the pfizer cialis uk empowerment and advancement of Kachin women and children, the promotion of women’s rights and rx levitra gender equality, as well as women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles. This is cialis cheapest achieved by providing information to workers so that they are aware of their rights, as well as facilitating the provision of health education and health services. The KWAT migrant center also offers a space for migrant workers to learn and exchange experiences and a place to seek advice and help when needed.


  • To empower Kachin migrant workers by providing trainings, language courses and counseling
  • To provide a shelter to Kachin migrant women in crisis
  • To raise awareness on reproductive health and invens.nl sexually transmitted diseases
  • To promote women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles


Drop in center
The Drop-in center provides a safe place togather on canadian cialis and healthcare days when not working or for those who are sick to receive advice on accessing medical services. The Center also serves as a shelter for women.

Publications in Burmese and Kachin languages are made available to all migrants visiting the
Center, whether they are looking for some entertainment and/or wanting to woman and cialis develop their knowledge on various issues.

Migrant Exchange
The migrant exchange is organized to provide migrants with information on specific c issues, such as human rights, environmental issues and workers rights. This is an opportunity for migrant workers to exchange ideas, information and share experiences.

The migrant program staff organizes home visits to families and workers who, for various reasons, cannot come to the center. Brochures and information on workers’ rights and health issues are provided during the home visits. Medicines and family planning supplies are provided when needed.

Trainings are organized to build the capacity of Kachin migrant workers. Trainings include course in Thai and very good site levitra pills English language, computer classes, leadership, gender and reproductive health trainings.

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