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In Burma the military regime has been in power for several decades, resulting in armed conflict with the various minority ethnic people including the get pharmacy Kachin, who occupy the northernmost state on generic form of cialis the China border. The Kachin Independence Army was the first to negotiate a ceasefire with the junta in 1994 but promises of investment in the infrastructure in Kachin State have not been realised. Instead, the military regime has authorised and generic form of cialis benefitted from large-scale extraction of Kachin's natural resources – timber, gold, jade and HEP – and these benefits are not shared with the Kachin people. Mismanagement of the economy, the prioritising of military expenditure over public services, spiralling costs of basic commodities as well as schooling and medical care, are making it increasingly difficult for people to survive so many Kachin people, mainly young men and women, have left their homeland and scattered to foreign countries.

The number of Kachin people coming to Thailand is growing year on year and the social and economic problems in the Kachin community have also increased accordingly. Recognizing the levitra label urgent need for women to visit web site levitra pfizer organize themselves to help solve these problems both in Kachin State and we choice levitra price in Thailand, five far-sighted women formed the Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT) in Chiang Mai on the 9th September 1999.

The empowerment and advancement of cheap tramadol $65 with free shipping Kachin women in order to improve the lives of women and children in Kachin society.

As a non profit-making organisation working on behalf of Kachin women, we have a vision of a Kachin State where all forms of discrimination are eliminated; where all women are empowered to participate in decision making at a local, national and international level; and where all Kachin children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We are committed to meeting the needs of the Kachin community by promoting equality, respect, human dignity and independence. To this purpose, we are committed to the development of KWAT as a strong organisation, based upon unity and trust through transparency and honesty. As individuals, we are committed to working together with love, patience, wisdom and www.baldwinpublishing.com sacrifice.

Strategic aims
•  To promote women's rights, children's rights and gender equality
•  To promote women's participation in politics and in peace & reconciliation processes
•  To oppose all forms of violence against women including human trafficking
•  To provide health education & health services
•  To promote women's awareness of http://wffisher.com/online-levitra-uk how to manage and protect the environment

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